Technical Support

“Leading technology, Superior quality” is a cornerstone of our growth and global development. Experienced technician will answer your any technical question. Every DLX product is supported 8 hours a day, five days a week by our support engineers. An DLX engineer will assist you with any problems. You are welcome to contact our technical support team by (Please replace# by@) or by phone +86-755-33854989 for technical problem.


1.No video

Please check the connection of power, cables and confirm the driving model of auto-iris Lens is right.

2.No night vision or not clear, turn white etc

Please check IR LEDs and lightsensitive whether normal and make sure the glass of camera is clean. 

3.Image not clear

A. Check lens whether clean.

B. Adjust the brightness and contrast of monitor.

C. Check the Lens whether against strong light, if yes, then adjust camera's position.

D. Adjust the focus of camera.

4.Surface of camera is hot and has black stripes in video  

Please check the power adapter is matched camera and check the output voltage whether change.

5.Screen flicker

A. Check the Lens whether against strong light, if yes, then adjust camera's position.

B. If connected to auto-iris Lens, please check the connection.

C. If has ripple after working for some time, please check the core of cable and copper sheet whether has short circuit and check whether has strongest electrical noise generator around.

6.Video comes and goes

Please check the connection of power/video cables. If PTZ camera, then check the  inside cables whether good. Also, please check the BNC was oxidized or not.

7.Poor quality image

A. Check the noise of camera.

B. Check the distance of cable.

C. Low light surroundings.

D. Problem of Monitor.

E. Problem of Video capture card or DVR etc.